“Introducing Innovation In The Supply Chain And Mobility”

Redefining Supply Chain Solutions

Leora Logistics aims to strongly impact supply chain solutions by directing the knowledge, experience, and technological support for enhancing the warehousing structure, planning, and access, along with incorporating strength in the distribution network while simplifying the logistics ecosystem. 

With our extensive geographical reach, industry knowledge, technology integration, widespread transportation network, dealers networking, customer relationship ,and last mile logistics. we take pride in efficiently discovering innovative and planned solutions for the client's new-age requirements – optimizing their supply chains, uplifting their businesses to successful heights and, staying ahead and strong in the competitive business environment.

We customize and deliver warehouses, pallets racking, per pallet rental space, cold room chambers, build-to-should warehouses, Orders knitting, and many other services out of our expertise and experience of three decades to our valued clients.

Who Are We?

“A Company Re-Engineering The Supply Chain as Value Chain”

Emerging as a leading platform, and service provider, Leora Logistics introduces itself as a one-stop supply chain solution provider with three decades long experience. Rewarding our clients with supply chain savings,an converting it into a value chain offering reliability and visibility, we bring to the table customized warehousing, distribution, and logistics services for varied business models and niches.

We execute our ideas followed by intensive research for simplifying complex processes and enabling clients to meet the general and unexpected challenges emerging in the supply chain, and scaling the value of a range of time and essential resources invested in business operations. Our clients experience a brand-new way of supply chain management by receiving access to new-age processes, products, services, and systems that take their business operations to a new level while discovering enhanced cash flow management, risk distribution, decreasing costs of processes, and adaptability to changes.

“Are you desiring the perfect solution to your warehousing & logistic challenges? We got you!”

Leora Logistics, with it’s trained and experienced team of warehousing, logistics channel, inventory management, order fullfilment, distribution networking and quality management systems is dedicated to offering our clients with effective, flexible and affordable solutions to majority of your challenges in the area. We are sure of our capabilities and perform our best to present ourselves as an asset for your business, providing lean and cost-conscious services and delivering consistent budget control.

We hold specialization in meeting the requirements of any business, especially the business concerning cold chain warehousing, cold chain logistics, with active and passive solutions. We are associated with world leading companies of pharma industries, medical devices, FMCG & Petrochemical. We curate detailed analysis for your business, build plans and provide you with our expertise in manners that helps you convert your "SUPPLY CHAIN TO VALUE CHAIN". 


Leora Logistics
Leora Logistics